Saturday, 29 October 2005

Cost of Iraq war

Ministry of Defence figures denote that the Iraq war has cost the government over £3 billion.

I've always been opposed to the Iraq war, largely (from a paleolibertarian viewpoint) because I felt Saddam's regime was none of our business. This is in addition to the flagrant lies that were perpetuated by Blair, regarding the existence of weapons of mass destruction.

The fact that £3,000,000,000 has been spent to fund the Iraq war demonstrates the force utilised in the name of government. This money evidently comes from taxation, which is money forcibly extracted from the citizens. Politicians, hungry for power and to "make their mark" on the world use this money to invade Iraq (a country that had never threatened the United Kingdom), finance enhancements to "public services", introduce ID cards and other means of exercising force against the people.

This is why the powers of politicians should be limited, so they don't possess the capability of imposing force against the citizens they're elected to serve.