Tuesday, 16 December 2003


In the United States, the 1964 Civil Rights Act outlaws most discrimination by business in reference to race or ethnicity. In the UK, we have several acts of Parliament which are designed for the same purpose. However, are these pieces of legilsation really necessary?

I am not a racist and I dislike racism, nonetheless in the interest of freedom of expression I would permit others to hold and express racist beliefs. In addition to the concepts of freedom of association and property rights, why CAN'T a business owner discriminate against potential customers?

Doesn't he own his property? Doesn't he possess a rightt to associate with whom he chooses, even if he decides NOT to mix with members of a certain race? Of course he does, and should.

Ultimately people should not be prosecuted for what they think or believe. It should only be acts of force or fraud committed against another which SHOULD be prosecuted against.